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Lynx eyes remain vigilant.
Day and night.

Prioritizing security at every level: High standards for you

  • Direct communication via WhatsApp with on-site staff
  • 12 hour surveillance conducted by professional security personnel from 6p.m. to 6a.m.
  • Continuous monitoring of the security conditions on the property
  • Safe arrival and departure of residents and their guests
  • Property-accompanying detection system with thermal imaging cameras
  • In the event of detection: active intervention and coordination with the Berlin police
Enhanced protection tailored
specifically for your needs:
personalized specials.

In addition to these standard services, you can enhance the security concept according to your personal needs and life situation. From accompanying you on trips and driving your children to and from school to analyses and recommendation for action: Our contracted security company is specialized in your security.

In collaboration with security experts, a comprehensive
security system has been meticulously developed.

LUCHS security system surpasses mere structural features, such as high fence systems with integrated intercom, video surveillance and burglar-proof windows and doors. It ensures security through cutting-edge detection technology and the presence of highly trained security guards.

Standard benefits
Supplementary services
Active intervention
and coordination
with the Berlin police
6 p.m. to 6 a.m.
Presence monitoring
Permanent monitoring and assessment of the security situation
Lockable windows and french doors
security personnel
Fence-integrated video
intercom system and
Safe arrival and departure
of residents and their guests
Video surveillance in the underground car park, lift and airlock
Infrared heat cameras
Concept for customised home
security and alarm system
24/7 emergency number
Security escort on business
or private trips journeys
Prevention in the workplace,
at school or during leisure time
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Accord Estates specializes in the brokerage of luxury properties in prime locations in Berlin and Potsdam since 2011, recognizing that exclusive properties demand exclusive sales. Our dedicated team develops tailored concepts and delivers exceptional, confidential and personalized service.

Christian Vohl, Accord Estates GmbH

“Secure means omnipresent”

There is no opportunity
for unauthorized access

“Discerning property buyers expect the highest standards, especially when it comes to security. As a property of exclusivity, the LUCHS not only gives its residents a feeling of soothing peace and security, but also protects their values and privacy. Afte all, nothing can replace the certainty of being able to sleep peacefully.”


Impressed by LUCHS? Allow us to provide you with an exclusive and discreet consultation. The sale of the apartments is managed by our partner Accord Estates. Since 2011, the company has specialized in the brokerage of luxury properties in premium locations in Berlin and Potsdam and has been repeatedly recognized for its service quality.

Christian Vohl and his team are personally available and look forward to your inquiry.