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LUCHS offers a refreshing departure from traditional and repetitive residential communities, showcasing its distinctive character. With eight villas designed in diverse architectural styles, it presents a unique opportunity to appreciate the charm of villa architecture in a fresh perspective. Each villa possesses its own distinct appeal and houses a select number of exclusive apartments or townhouses, each featuring a wide range of layouts. Additionally, these residences boast exceptional features such as loggias, gardens, exquisite interiors, and energy efficient designs. This ensemble not only preserves the elegance of grand villas but also seamlessly integrates it into the future. Welcome to the exceptional living experience that is LUCHS class of living.

The experience of first-class living at LUCHS begins right at your doorstep.
A promising beginning: the elegant entrances are meticulously crafted to offer a remarkable reception.
Exquisite: a harmonious blend of residence and gardens.

The villa represents the yin,
while the garden embodies the yang.

Similar to a masterpiece that necessitates an appropriate backdrop, a villa truly unveils its magnificence through a harmonious interplay with its environment, Hence, meticulous attention is devoted to the garden design at LUCHS: blooming private gardens and a lush belt encompassing the entire ensemble accentuate the allure of these exceptional villas.

LUCHS holds a deep admiration for the captivating fragrance of roses. Within its
collection of villas, one is exclusively devoted to the esteemed queen of flowers.
Distinctive solitaires that embody various styles:
romantic, timeless, contemporary
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Villa at Luchsweg 11
A palace
par excellence

In the elegant contrast of reddish brick and light-coloured plaster, the villa reveals its source of inspiration: the prestigious architecture of the Wilhelminian era. Columned loggias and corner balconies add further visual accents as typical stylistic elements.

Green and white set the tone in the three private gardens of this villa. Elegant foliage plants and white hydrangeas create a harmonious backdrop. Curved paths and natural stone slabs emphasise the scenery.

Villa at Luchsweg 13
Like a romantic fairytale

The rose house in the LUCHS ensemble: this residence, rich in detail, enchants with its symmetry, soft shapes and lime green wooden elements. A villa as enchanting as this can only be surrounded by the queen of flowers!

An English-style country house garden surrounds this villa: manicured lawns alternate with lush flowerbeds, deep green buxus lines the curved paths and the sweet scent of roses and lavender lingers over everything.

Villa at Luchsweg 15
Radiant beauty

With its classic, almost museum-like character, the third pearl in the LUCHS chain radiates timeless aesthetics. Elaborate arches are the main motif of the villa, which also boasts spacious loggias and balconies.

The green scenery appears calm and uncluttered thanks to the predominantly white and blue flower colours. Natural stone walls made of basalt stone form the striking border and, together with boxus, exude a touch of historical charm.

Villa at Luchsweg 17
Statement of modern ease

As the only villa in the LUCHS ensemble this piece of jewellery has a flat roof and a staggered attic storey. The alternating smooth plaster and brick façades also contribute to the modern, linear aesthetic.

Island of tranqulity: the carefully selected plants in the gardens are as light and puristic as the house: delicate grasses move gently in the wind and create a calming atmosphere.

Villa at Luchsweg 19
Country house
in the british style

A romantic aura surrounds this LUCHS villa: straight lines meet playful accents, dark wood contrasts with light-coloured plaster. A charming house that evokes associations with English country estates.

The idyllic garden around the villa invites you to relax. The colour white sets the tone for the flowering plants: Lush hydrangeas and Chinese flowering dogwood line the paths.

Villa at Luchsweg 21
A front row seat
surrounded by lush greenery

This imposing villa embodies an ideal combination of classic and modern elegance. Sandstone, wood and high windows give the façade depth and expression. Wonderful loggias invite you to spend long summer evenings outdoors.

Gardens that caress the soul: flowering plants, including magnolias, rhododendrons and lavender, allow the green oases to shine in glorious colours for many days of the year.

Villa at Luchsweg 21 A
In the realm
of traditions

This LUCHS villa looks like a homage to the good old days. This is due to the contemporary design motifs that were typical of Wilhelminian style architecture. The dominant round balcony is a particular eye-catcher.

In the private gardens surrounding the villa, there are many beautiful places to relax. Islands of roses, lavender and coneflowers emphasise the stately appearance of the villa.

Villa at Luchsweg 23/23 A
A property that radiates
an enchanting allure

A home that is as familiar as it is new. Classic and modern elements are combined to great effect. The vertically finely structured façades on the ground floor are particularly impressive with their unusual appearance.

The garden of this villa is aesthetically pleasing and perfectly formed to match the architecture of the house. Spacious lawns, geometric shapes and deliberately placed accents of flowering islands combine to create a harmonious overall picture.

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A preference for size
Elevate your space with the refined touch of LUCHS: turning rooms into elegant showcases.

Experience the
distinction of LUCHS

  • Elegantly designed reception area
  • Visually impactful perspectives
  • Enclosed spaces with direct access to the garden
  • Enough room to accommodate both family and friends
  • Windows that span from floor to ceiling
  • Generously sized dressing rooms
  • En suite master bathroom
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Floorplan example
Villa at Luchsweg 15

Fabian Freytag is one of Germany's leading interior designers and has received several awards for his furnishing projects.

Fabian Freytag Studio

The designer:
Fabian Freytag

Courage to be extravagant

Fabian Freytag believes that well-designed flats should captivate like an exciting novel, occasionally surprising with unexpected twists. Collaborating with the team from Hiller Sattler Architeckten, the Berlin-based interior designer with Hanseatic origins developed two distinct furnishing lines for LUCHS, along with two unique bathroom designs.

Exploring the spectrum of bathroom design:
Fabian Freytag´s creations span from enchantingly mystical to energetically vibrant.
Henriette Bock, Peter Solhdju, Rita Ahlers and Thomas Albrecht (from left), Hilmer Sattler Architekten


Creating masterful buildings

The name Hilmer Sattler Architekten is associated with prestigious buildings such as the Museum Barberini in Potsdam, the Berlin City Palace and Elmau Castle.
Founded in 1974, the architectural firm is one of the most renowned in Germany and has been honoured with numerous awards for its projects. The team was delighted  to dedicate itself to the task of illustrating the diversity of villa architecture using the LUCHS as an example.

The gardens and communal areas in the LUCHS ensemble are designed by Frank von Bargen. His picture book of references reads just as harmoniously as the horticultural signature with which he transforms public and private spaces into soothing oases:
The rose gardens, Box Seven, the monastery gardens or the playground on Monbijouplatz are among the Berlin landscape architects’ flagship projects.

LUCHS facts

Exemplary craftsmen have collaborated to create something truly exceptional.
The outcome is a collective work that boasts an impressive array of remarkable features.
LUCHS key highlights:

Eight villas showcasing an exceptional standard of architectural excellence, by Hiller Sattler
Nestled within the prestigious western region of Berlin, LUCHS boasts a highly coveted address, positioned next to the enchanting Grunewald forest.
Luxurious flats and townhouses with up to 340 m² of living space.
Every residence is a safe haven: due to comprehensive security measures.
Spacious private gardens, loggias, balconies and terraces.
Private gardens and large communal areas, loggias, balconies and terraces.
High value
Equipment quality at top level, individual equipment as desired.
Concept by star designer Fabian Freytag on request.
From the staircase in the basement direct access to the underground car park.
Basement rooms for sports and spa, hobby and home office.
Building automation from JUNG Home.
Numerous extra services, e. g. art, curated by Vito Schnabel.
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Impressed by LUCHS? Allow us to provide you with an exclusive and discreet consultation. The sale of the apartments is managed by our partner Accord Estates. Since 2011, the company has specialized in the brokerage of luxury properties in premium locations in Berlin and Potsdam and has been repeatedly recognized for its service quality.

Christian Vohl and his team are personally available and look forward to your inquiry.